Ding Tao: a life devoted to work


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The Chinese Government has a strict population control policy that only allows one child per couple. After having their first daughter, Ding Tao had to pay a large amount of money to the Chinese state in order to be allowed to have two more kids until they had a baby boy.

Ding Cheng, the eldest daughter, was raised by Ding Tao and works as a shop manager in Shanghai for a European fashion company. After having another girl that grew up with her uncle, they had a son named Ding Xin that is doing his last year at university to get his degree on construction, just as his father wanted.

Ding Tao’s biggest fortune is his family. He is satisfied with his routine and his job; he doesn’t think that anything in his life needs to be changed. What he wants to transmit to his children is not to expect a rich and abundant life.


8 of 10 pages


February, 2013 · China · Yancheng
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